About McArthur Tile

McArthur Tile Co. is a local family business that has been around for 43 years. Jack McArthur established the company. Rob Rude and Lowell Baker were his first employees. These three gentlemen set high standards for the company.

Jack had many years of tile work before 1972. Then in 1987, Lincoln joined Jack and they renamed the company " McArthur Tile Co." Lincoln continues to oversee the company today. Over the past years, a few jobs stand out for Lincoln. They are the Scheel’s stores in Fargo and Grand Forks, Davies High School, and various Gate City Bank jobs with Wild CRG Architecture and Construction. He has especially enjoyed being part of the beautiful and innovative Gate City buildings.

As the company grew, they hired Gary Rosell. He has been with the company for over twenty years. His training and craftsmanship is a huge part of the training process. Gary introduced Ryan Young to the business. Ryan started out working part-time during high school and summers. After college, Ryan decided to work one more year to save money and continue his education. Lincoln realized how valuable Ryan was and after time, convinced him to stay. That was 15 years ago.

Keller helped out during high school and after he graduated. He then went to work for a concrete business. He still helped out during the winters and eventually became a full time employee in 1996. Dedicated and dependable describe Dave Kellerhuis.

Justin Reid started working at the age of seventeen. Justin picked up on grouting instantly. He was fast and did a quality job. A good tile job can be ruined with a bad grout job. Justin made the tile look even better. Now he is an experienced and qualified tile setter. James (Jimmy) Sundem has taken over Jack’s place at being a master at basically everything. At the age of twelve, Jimmy helped his dad, Kenny, who could tile with one hand as well as anyone with two. If a residential customer is lucky enough to have Jimmy as an installer, they always request him for the next time.

Through the years as the company grew, Lincoln hired Kim Conzemius to help out part-time. Five years later, she became full-time and has been the manager of McArthur Tile Co. for almost 20 years. Then, Cindy Perlenfien was hired for a part-time position and has been a dedicated employee since 2002. In 2008, the building McArthur Tile Co. leased was sold. They moved out and built their own shop and one of the nicest showrooms in the area for their retail customers. The showroom is located at 339 27th Circle So. (behind S&S Landscaping).

As the retail traffic picked up, Renae McArthur, started helping out in 2014. Then in January, 2015, Karl Vangerud, an experienced estimator, joined the team.

Now, another generation is in the process of training into a new, talented, and skilled crew. Cole Crabtree was hired in 2013. Bronson Jesme had worked part-time in high school and a couple of summers before he graduated from Concordia. He joined the company full time in 2014. The newest employees are Jeff Hannestad and Justin's nephew, Darian Shearon.

Since the McArthur Tile Co. guys are experienced and qualified, Lincoln has never had to sub out any of his commercial jobs. All work is done by employees. The general contractors don’t have to worry about working with unknown subcontractors when they hire McArthur Tile Co.
Lincoln President Hired 5-29-87 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 5-29-87
Kimmer Mgr/Sales  Hired 1-1-98 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 1-1-98
Jack McArthur Started Tile Company in 1973 Retired - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Jack McArthur
Started Tile Company in 1973
Renae McArthur Secretary/Treasurer Hired 11-1-13 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Renae McArthur
Hired 11-1-13
Cindy Perlenfein Bookkeeping/Payroll - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Cindy Perlenfein
Hired 8-1-2002
Jimmy Hired 6-23-2000 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 6-23-2000
Ryan Hired 5-15-04 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 5-15-04
Gary Hired 4-3-93 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 4-3-93
Justin Hired 8-18-86 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 8-18-86
Keller Hired 4-15-96 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 4-15-96
Jeff Hired 4-6-15 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 4-6-15
Cole Hired 10-14-2013 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 10-14-2013
Karl Hired 1-1-15 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 4-20-15
Karl Hired 1-1-15 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 1-1-15
Bronson Hired 6-1-14 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 6-1-14
Karl Hired 1-1-15 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 5-1-2015
Karl Hired 1-1-15 - Tile Company in Fargo, ND
Hired 5-1-2015

McArthur Tile Co. mission statement:

We strive to be quality driven, hardworking, and dedicated to the tile industry. Our goal is to verify that the project owner is completely satisfied. For the residential side of our business, we make sure all the pieces fit, so your space can become beautiful.

General Contractors We Work For:

  • Olaf Anderson & Son Construction Co. Comstock Construction, Inc.
  • RDA, Inc. Construction Resource Group, Inc.
  • T.F. Powers Construction Co. Gast Construction Co., Inc.
  • Meinecke Johnson Co. Gray Construction Co.
  • MBA Development Co. Hillerud Construction, Inc.
  • Kraus Anderson Construction Co. Innes Construction Co.

Industry Memberships:

  • Members of the Home Builders Association
  • Members of the North Dakota Association of Builders


"McArthur Tile Co. is absolutely our favorite place to shop for tile. The showroom is fantastic- very neatly organized, coordinated well and so very welcoming as soon as one walks in the door. We have personally dealt with Kim "Kimmer" Conzemius for numerous projects. She is knowledgeable, friendly, easy to work with, and has a great eye for style, color and decor. She is honest and treated our project as if it was her own. We felt very confident in our investment."

David Buskohl

"After all those rush orders, I love how my bathroom turned out. I'm liking it a lot... It was worth all the agony. Ha. Ha.Jane Heilmann"Thank you! From your willingness to accommodate my busy schedule and my indecisiveness, to your precise workmanship, I want you to know how pleased I am with the results of our bathroom remodel! You guys are awesome! I can’t wait for the next remodel project."

Jill Graveline, Dawson Insurance